To sustain structural integrity of the masonry walls, replacement mortar used for repointing and tuckpointing should be composed of original ingredients based on an evaluation or test data.

Please see examples of our work.

6225 N. Newcastle Ave., Chicago, IL

Remove red hard cement mortar previously applied over the original white lime-based mortar; repoint 100% using white lime-based mortar to match the original.


City Hall, Lake Forest, IL 

Before: false application of custom lime-based repointing mortar to match the existing.
After: correct application of the same custom lime-based repointing mortar.

Repointing using lime-based mortar.
Example of traditional style tuckpointing using lime-based mortar in different colors, finished flash; cleaning not necessary.


1326 Elmwood Ave., Deerfield, IL 60015

City: 773-286-8866

Suburbs: 847-940-1020