Rebuilding - Repointing - Decorative chimney pots - Chimney guards - Pour-in chimney concrete caps - Dampers - Clay flue liners 

4849 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL

Brick chimney struck by lightning two times within few weeks period: dismantle chimney down to the roofline and rebuild back to the original lines using new vintage brick; install new clay flue liners and new chimney cap; install new copper crown. 

Chimney damaged by lightning.
More damage to the chimney after second lightning strike.
Restored chimney.
View of entire elevation after the chimney has been restored.

55 N. Mayflower Rd., Lake Forest, IL

Structural cracks in brick chimney: repoint the chimney and seal concrete cap.


City: 773-286-8866

Suburbs: 847-940-1020