Decorative chimney pots - Chimney guards - Pour-in chimney concrete caps - Dampers - Clay flue liners - Fireplace stone mantels - Clay coping tiles - Limestone copings - Limestone window sills - Stone thresholds - Glass block windows - Sealant - Dismantle and installation of salvaged architectural elements

Evanston, IL

Front porch terrazzo floor restoration: lintel replacement, concrete floor repair, custom tile work and installation.

Replace rusted I-beam and pour-in concrete.
Custom cut ceramic tiles and recreate design to match the original tile work.
Install custom designed tiles over restored concrete beam pockets.
Completed project.

Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO

Restoration of Alumnae Gate built in 1921, the gate was partially destroyed by tractor trailer: assemble/install stone pieces, clean and repair damaged limestone, repoint. 

Destroyed gate.
Damaged stone pieces.
Installation of stone pieces.
Final touch-ups.

Winnetka, IL

Salvaged white marble fountain: assemble damaged marble fountain, reconstruct damaged and missing pieces, clean and repair, install and repoint.

Fountain pieces at the workshop.
Fountain pieces at the job site.
Fountain installation in progress.
Completed project.


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